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Denture Repairs in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Emergency Denture/False Teeth Repairs are 55

Have you been unfortunate enough to break your denture, and do you need it repaired? Then we are here to help.

Broken dentures are a nightmare if they are not repaired in the correct way, many people try to glue their broken dentures back together with super glue or by using a denture repair kit, this often works in the short term, but long term denture repairs with glue just doesn't work.

The only way to truly repair your broken or cracked denture is to chemically weld the 2 halves back together.

broken denture repairs

Using a Home Denture Repair Glue - WARNING

denture repair warningMany dentures that we repair come to us either super glued together or repaired using a home repair kit bought from the shops. PLEASE do not repair your denture in either of these ways. The joint of the 2 broken halves of your denture are critical, putting glue or home repair material over this joint WILL damage your dentures. The result is that when they break again, which they almost certainly will, we are not able to accurately locate the 2 halves back together meaning you end up with  a denture that doesn't fit very well OR you end up having to go to a dentist for a new denture...

When we repair your denture we also use a special machine (called a Pressure Hydro Bath) to put the plastic under pressure while it sets, this ensures the repair is strong and free of micro bubbles - if you repair your denture at home with a home repair kit is unlikely you'll have a pressure hydro bath!

All in all, trying to repair your dentures at home can ultimately work out a rather expensive exercise!


How do we fix broken or cracked dentures?

We fix fractured dentures in our laboratory in Potters Bar, Herts by carefully removing the damaged plastic either side of the break or crack. Once we have exposed fresh and clean plastic (known as acrylic) we can bond new acrylic to this. We then flow in brand new acrylic in to the crack or break - this new acrylic chemically bonds to both halves and chemically welds your broken or cracked denture back together again.

Once your dentures have been chemically welded back together they will be as strong as they were when they were new, the crack or fracture line WILL NOT be a weak area as the 2 halves will have been chemically bonded and fused together, this simply isn't possible using a home repair kit or other form of DIY denture repair... you really do need to have your dentures professionally repaired.

If your denture is broken in half then you need to get it fixed soon, even if your denture has just cracked and not completely broken in half we recommend you visit us soon as you never know when your denture will totally break.

Call Keith now on 01707 663293 to arrange a good time to visit us.

Emergency Denture Repairs are 55

denture repairs

What if a tooth has broken off my full or partial denture?

If a tooth breaks off of your denture we can often replace this for you at the same time. If you have managed to keep the plastic tooth please bring it with you as we can often chemically weld this back in to place using the same technique as above. If you have lost the tooth from your denture then don't despair. We hold a large stock of different teeth in all manner of colours so we may well have one in stock that matches the one you have lost. Simply mention that a tooth has broken off your denture when you contact us.


Do I need to go to a dentist to have my denture repaired?

No not usually, often this is not necessary and we can repair your denture quickly and simply without having to visit a dentist. In the unlikely event that we feel you need to see a dentist then we can recommend one to you that is local to where you live, this may be Potters Bar, Wellham Green, Hatfield, Barnett, Boreham Wood, Enfield or other area around Hertfordshire and North London. We have dentists in all these areas and can recommend one to you.


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 or call Keith now on 01707 663293 to arrange a rapid repair service

How long will it take to repair my dentures?

Most repairs can be done within a couple of hours while you wait, but we can advice you more once we have seen your dentures. If you call us on 01707 663293 and ask for Keith we can discuss your case further and let you know more about the exact time. We are easy to find and are on major bus, road and train routes.


Why should I trust you to fix my dentures?

This is a great question, and one that you must feel has been answered fully before taking your dentures for repair. Our laboratory was first set up in 1946 by E W Sharp, it was then handed on to 3 partners (Don Stocking, Tony Beer and Robin Oborn - these are the 'SBO' founders) who handed the company on again to the new Directors, Mark Oborn (son of Robin Oborn) and Keith Shrubb.

During these years, materials and techniques have changed and the best have been handed on to the new owners each time. So with a laboratory that has been in existence for over 50 years and with the added experience that the current directors bring you can be assured of the best quality denture repairs in Potters Bar and Hertfordshire.

We also used to be located right in the heart of the medical/dental centre of London around Harley Street, we moved to Potters Bar in 2009 and so bring with us the knowledge and experience gained by working alongside some of the best dentists in the world.

How do I go about getting my false teeth repaired by you?

You have 2 simple options:

  1. Call us to arrange an appointment to drop your dentures in to us yourself to be repaired
  2. Call us and we will arrange a courier to collect

Request an appointment

How much will having dentures repaired cost?

If you chose option 1 and bring your dentures in to us then the price will be 55

If you chose option 2 and would like us to collect your dentures and deliver them back to the price will be 55 for the repair, plus 25 for the delivery/collection, total 80

We accept cheques or cash.

So, all you need to do now is to call now on 01707 663293 to arrange your visit, or to arrange for a collection.

We look forward to being of service to you.


Mark and Keith

Directors - SBO Dental Laboratory


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